Thank You

so i've been working on this album for about three years as of today. reflecting on all the ups and downs that i've managed to turn to something i'm genuinely proud of; timeaway. here i sit, the night before with thomas and rj, shooting sake and throwing this website together. here you are, lending me your time. so first of all let me thank you for your visit, whether out of curiosity or genuine interest. thank you. a lot was put into this, and it'll only grow from this point forth.

whitlock is the biggest thing since sliced bread. shouts to eric my shooter, patrick the deaf sound engineer / wizard, zed gg-rizzly the og, almond god (forever[and ever]), mackalicious the vicious, cj, taf, charlie, s2murai, jamillionaire&jonv, pierre aka big preme, freddy & the whole dope squad. the choir boys dem. cuzzie dehh. alex the bear salz. liam, jiin, carlop, kbirung, and jeremyjoo for always touching base and keeping it real w me. danny cease and a.doucette for repping the city very very well. alpha beta and dj soft spot. jcub aka lowerfifth. killa k, mom and tom, lolo and lola, jess and aj, miles and zoey, isaac and elliot, ninang, all my titos and titas. all the girls i've ever dated. and tony.

welcome to timeaway,
young ty


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